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We are clear and transparent in our charges.

In order to avoid complication, we issue invoices monthly, or at the conclusion of a significant period of work.

Reassuring clarity

To reassure you that we provide excellent value for money, every invoice includes a detailed schedule of the work we have conducted on your behalf.  Further, to assist you with budgeting, we also include an estimate of any future costs.

Assistance with funding

During our initial consultation we discuss your budget, any available funding options and, if necessary, we shall assist you in arrangements for a litigation loan with one of a number established companies.

Excellent value for money

Donna Goodsell is a sole practitioner with 23 years exclusive experience as a Family Lawyer.  She has resisted the temptation to expand and compromise a cherished and well-respected brand, preferring instead to remain accessible and to build excellent client relationships. This decision provides an assurance to each and every client that Donna will maintain personal conduct of their matter throughout what is often a very challenging time in their lives.  To that end, various other dedicated administrative professionals assist Donna in her work and  the firm absorbs their costs.

Family Lawyers usually calculate their charges by the amount of time spent in assisting you.  Goodsells Family Law is no different and Donna charges only for time spent in progressing your matter.

Flexible office hours

We offer very flexible office hours to allow us to work around your schedule. This means we can offer early morning, evening and weekend appointments where necessary.