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Our Recent Cases

We work with clients across London to help them solve all manner of family law issues. Scroll down for details of some of our recent cases. We regularly assist clients with the following matters:

Our work:

Undisclosed Assets – Client in Balham

Mrs N was recommended to Goodsells Family Law via a previous client. Her situation was quite desperate.

Mrs N's husband had recently walked out of the family home in Balham, following 22 years of marriage. As an interim agreement Mr N agreed to continue to pay their son’s school fees but refused to make any further contributions towards the household.

He had moved in with his new partner, was pleading poverty and that his business as a veterinary surgeon was losing trade during lockdown.

Mrs N was working part time and falling into debt.

Recognising the necessity for swift action and in light of Mr N’s refusal to negotiate, we issued proceedings for divorce and financial settlement, whereby the forensic examination of bank statements led to the discovery of other, undisclosed bank accounts and hidden assets. Ultimately, this led to a financial settlement for Mrs N which included the mortgage-free transfer of the family home and a significant sum in capitalised maintenance, to secure her income for the foreseeable future.

Refusal to Mediate - Client in Wimbledon

Mrs D approached Goodsells Family Law because she was unhappy with her previous solicitor, who was slow to progress matters.

Her estranged husband was failing to cooperate with the voluntary disclosure of his assets, both in the UK and abroad. Although the assets were held in Mr D’s sole name, they were purchased during the marriage using marital funds and, therefore, Mrs D had an interest.

Mr D also refused to mediate and it was clear that a swift and firm approach was necessary.

Therefore, we issued proceedings for a financial settlement and obtained orders to secure valuations of all the properties, amounting to a figure in excess of £4,000,000.

Armed with this information we were able to negotiate a financial settlement to include the transfer of property into Mrs D’s name.

Child Arrangements Order - Client in Brixton

Mr H-T was recommended to Goodesells Family Law by his friend, a previous client.

Mr H-T's former partner, Ms D  had begun to dictate how and when she would allow him to see their son, A. At times she would make last-minute alterations to agreements and she also refused to allow A to stay with our client overnight. As a consequence, our client felt marginalised and unable to participate fully in his son’s life.

Ms D refused to mediate or enter into any form of negotiation.

Therefore, we made an application to the court and, much to our client and his son's delight, successfully persuaded the court to make a Child Arrangements Order that A "lives with" both his parents at specific, defined times, including overnight stays, alternate weekends and shared school holidays.

Application for permission to leave the jurisdiction - Client in Chelsea

We initially advised FG in consultation regarding her wish to return to Ireland with her baby daughter, RS aged three months.

We heard from FG again four months later, from Ireland, where she had fled the night before following the final and abrupt breakdown of the relationship with her daughter’s father, MK. We advised FG that initially, she would be obliged to return to the UK and, from here, file an application for permission to leave the jurisdiction with her child. By the time she returned two days later, MK had served her with an emergency order to prevent her from removing RS from the jurisdiction without permission and a child residence application for an order for RS to live with him.

It was imperative for us to be meticulous in preparing FG’s application and statement in support, to show the court that it would be in the daughter's best interests to grant her mother’s application. The competing applications were fiercely contested and ultimately, we successfully persuaded the court to agree with our client’s position.