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Family law matters are frequently challenging, with disagreements and considerable distress often at the centre of them. A Family Law solicitor will be able to provide proficient and bespoke advice and support to help you navigate through this difficult time.

If you need Family Law advice, whatever your circumstances, Goodsells can help. We are trained and experienced in a wide range of Family Law matters and will always make sure stress is kept to a minimum.

We appreciate that consulting a solicitor can be a stressful experience, however, we are friendly and compassionate and will do everything possible to put you at ease. When you choose to work with us, you can be confident in the knowledge that you will receive clear, pragmatic advice, tailored specifically to your circumstances.

We regularly deal with matters such as arrangements for children and financial issues following separation. We also work with clients to put in place arrangements that offer them security for the future, such as Prenuptial Agreements, Cohabitation Agreements and Separation Agreements.

Goodsells Family Law is headed by Donna Goodsell, a highly skilled divorce solicitor with over 20 years of experience in focusing on family law matters. The work we undertake is specifically designed to ensure the highest quality of service for every client.

Read more about Donna Goodsell’s family law expertise.

Due to the complexity of some cases, it may be appropriate to work together with other professionals . At Goodsells Family Law, we have excellent working relationships with accountants, financial advisors, specialist barristers and mediators, amongst others, to ensure you have the very best representation and advice throughout.

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Whether your Family Law issue is straightforward or much more complicated to resolve, Goodsells Family Law is here to provide excellent  Family Law advice in London.

For an initial consultation with our Children Law solicitor in London, please call 020 7622 2221, email complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Specialist Family Law advice for clients across London

At Goodsells Family Law, we provide legal support and advice on all Family Law matters. We can help with issues, including:


Divorce is an emotional and daunting situation to experience, especially where children are concerned or, perhaps, you have been married for a considerably long period of time. It is important to seek guidance from a legal professional to guarantee mistakes are sidestepped and everything is being handled correctly.

Our solicitor will always approach matters with the utmost care and consideration, ensuring you are fully supported throughout the process. We recognise the possibility of conflict arising during the divorce process and will always work to minimise disagreement where possible, in the hope of obtaining an amicable divorce.

Our specialist family law solicitor can assist with divorce matters, such as:

Financial Claims on Divorce 

It is quite common for disputes to arise during negotiations relating to the division of assets in divorce, with each party having an entirely different view on how assets should be divided. Where an agreement cannot be reached, it can often feel daunting and extremely stressful, especially where children are involved.

Our Family Law solicitor is an expert at providing carefully tailored legal advice and has the experience to ensure our clients secure the outcome they need while avoiding unnecessary conflict. We will always approach matters in the most timely and cost-effective way, often through means of alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation and family mediation.

Our divorce and finances solicitor can assist with issues including what happens to:

  • The family home
  • Pensions
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Inheritances
  • Second homes, holiday homes and investment properties
  • Business assets

If you and your ex-partner are able to come to an amicable agreement concerning finances, it is still crucial to obtain a consent order to reflect the terms of that agreement. This ensures no future claims can be made against you. Our divorce solicitor can assist with making an application to the court to approve a consent order.


Unmarried couples have extremely limited rights to one another’s assets, so it is important that, when making the decision to move in with your partner, you consider a cohabitation agreement, which helps to protect you in the event the relationship breaks down.

Our solicitor has provided assistance to a wide range of clients across Clapham and the wider London area, ranging from cases that are considered more straightforward to more complex matters, including high net worth assets and those held abroad.

Our Family Lawyer can deliver skilled advice and support in matters including:

  • Drafting cohabitation agreements
  • Responding to cohabitation agreements
  • Applying cohabitation agreements during separation
  • Cohabitation disputes

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

Many individuals often believe pre and postnuptial agreements are used only by people with a high net worth, however, pre and post nuptials can be relevant to anyone who wishes to protect their assets in the event of a divorce.

Our solicitor can provide expert advice on the benefits and limitations of a pre or postnuptial agreement and should you decide to proceed, we can draft a document that suits your circumstances, ensuring all essential details are contained within. If you have been presented with a pre or postnuptial agreement by your partner, we can ensure it meets your requirements and does not negatively impact you in any way.

Our specialist Family Law solicitor can provide pre and postnuptial support in matters that include:

  • Drafting pre and postnuptial agreements
  • Responding to pre and postnuptial agreements
  • Applying pre and postnuptial agreements during divorce

Child Law 

Matters concerning children can often be stressful and emotional, especially when a dispute arises between parents. It is essential to pursue specialist assistance from a child law solicitor in a relationship breakdown. A professional will be able to help with all aspects of child law issues.

Our solicitor will always have the child’s best interests at the core of every action, ensuring any approach we take positively suits them. We will work proactively, making sure all matters are swiftly handled without the need for contentious court proceedings. However, where court is necessary, we can assist with creating a robust argument and supporting evidence, in addition to representing you. We have a strong track record of success and will aim to achieve the outcome you desire.

Our Family Law solicitor has extensive expertise in child law matters, including:

Domestic Abuse

Suffering from domestic abuse is a serious and distressing situation, leaving you in a dangerous and vulnerable position. If you or a loved one is suffering from domestic abuse, it’s important that you seek legal assistance to ensure that you or your loved one is protected from the abuser.

No matter your circumstances, at Goodsells Family Law Solicitors, we are dedicated to helping you. We can assist with advising on the type of options available to you and can help you to apply for a domestic abuse injunction, ensuring you are protected against your abuser. We can further assist with contacting the appropriate authorities in addition to seeking aid from local centres for matters such as refuge and counselling.

Our Family Law solicitor in London can provide domestic abuse advice and guidance in matters including:

  • Non-molestation orders
  • Occupation orders
  • Child court orders and child abduction

Why work with Goodsells Family Law Solicitors?

Highly skilled Family Law solicitor

The practice is headed by specialist Family Law solicitor Donna Goodsell, a highly skilled solicitor with over 20 years’ Family Law and divorce experience and expertise, having assisted a very wide range of clients.

Donna has a variety of accolades and accreditations, including the Advanced level membership of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Family Law Panel and Resolution Specialist Accreditation in Children Law and Complex Financial and Property matters. In addition, Donna is a qualified collaborative lawyer.

Specialist family law advice for clients across London and beyond

As a boutique Family Law firm in London with over 20 years’ dedicated and specialist experience in Family Law, our clients are varied and include professionals, high net worth and high-profile individuals, and often those whose circumstances are complex and challenging.

We comfortably represent clients with an international consideration and offer the quality of legal expertise found in the city, while maintaining affordable rates and personal attention to achieve the best results our clients desire.

Legal advice for complex family law matters

Family Law covers a broad range of legal issues, from Divorce and Child Law to Cohabitation and international Family Law matters. We are specially trained to deal with complex family issues, offering clear, reliable advice that helps resolve matters quickly and in your best interests.

We have specialist skills in negotiation and appreciate that when relationships break down, emotions will often be running high. The support of a dedicated Family Solicitor can be hugely beneficial at such times to ensure that a careful approach is taken to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.

Excellent value for money

At Goodsells, we believe that price reflects service. We offer a range of competitive payment options, including fixed fees.

Some Family Law matters can be more straightforward to navigate, such as making a divorce application. For matters like these, we tend to charge on a fixed fee basis. What this does is provide complete transparency over the expected costs.

Family Law issues often can be challenging and stressful for those involved, and this requires further legal guidance to obtain resolution. Should this be necessary, it is more appropriate for us to charge an hourly rate. Where this applies, we will be able to present you with a cost estimate so you have a good idea of the expected fees to work with us.

We will never move forward with legal assistance unless you are completely satisfied.

For further information about our costs, please see our fees page.

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For an initial consultation with our family lawyer in Clapham, London, please call 020 7622 2221, email or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.