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No Fault Divorce Solicitors in London

Going through a divorce can be really difficult and emotive. While the new no fault divorce rules are intended to make things simpler, it is still important to receive specialist advice on your rights and the way divorce will affect your life. Our no fault divorce solicitor is here to help your divorce run smoothly, keeping things as stress-free and amicable as possible.

No matter your circumstances or background, Goodsells Family Law care and will put your and any children’s best interests above all else. Instructing our solicitor guarantees a sensitive and supportive service. We will carefully listen to your position and wishes, and ensure we do everything possible to make your divorce easier.

Goodsells Family Law is headed by specialist family law lawyer Donna Goodsell. Donna has worked with all kinds of clients in all manner of scenarios for over two decades. She takes pride in providing a friendly, expert and proficient service that supports families during these difficult times.

Read more about Donna Goodsell’s family law expertise.

If you and your spouse are looking for a no fault divorce in the UK, our solicitor is on hand to provide a friendly and proficient service to support you through this time. Contact us to find out how we can help.

For an initial consultation with our divorce solicitor in London, please call 020 7622 2221, email or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Specialist no fault divorce advice for clients across London

At Goodsells Family Law, we recognise the sheer stress and difficulty a divorce can bring to a person’s life. With our assistance, you can be certain to receive a stress-free and supportive service.

Our solicitor has expertise in providing advice and guidance on matters such as:

At Goodsells, we understand that each client’s divorce and family circumstances are entirely unique. That’s why when you work with our solicitor, she will take the time to carefully understand your situation, the impact it has had on your life and what outcome you desire. This allows us to provide clear advice tailored completely to you.

Divorce can often be accompanied by considerable stress and conflict, however, our solicitor believes in a non-contentious approach. We are highly skilled in dealing with all types of divorce using out-of-court methods, such as private negotiation and mediation.

Applying for a no fault divorce

Being certain that everything has been completed correctly when applying for a divorce is extremely important. That’s why it is crucial to seek no fault divorce advice from a professional.

Our solicitor has considerable experience assisting all types of clients drafting and applying for divorce. When you work with , you can be certain to receive sensitive support from a solicitor who cares.

Responding to no fault divorce proceeding

If the no fault divorce application was submitted by one spouse acting alone (a ‘sole application’), the other spouse (the ‘respondent’) will be required to confirm receipt through an ‘acknowledgement of service’ form.

Should you need assistance with responding to a divorce application, our no-fault divorce solicitor can ensure the acknowledgement of service form is completed correctly to guarantee a smooth divorce process without delays.

Divorce financial settlements

Besides children, finances are often the most troubling aspect of divorce. They have the potential to trigger disagreements between ex-spouses, particularly where there are more valuable assets such as property and pensions. Goodsells Family Law is here to offer advice and direction to achieve a fair settlement that suits both parties and any children involved.

We believe in an amicable and cost-effective approach to divorce financial settlements. Our solicitor does this through applying her experience and skillset in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as private negotiation and family mediation. Should you need to apply to the court for a financial order, our no fault divorce solicitor can provide expert representation.

Our divorce and finances solicitor in Clapham, London, can assist with issues such as what happens to:

  • The family home
  • Pensions
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Inheritances
  • Second homes, holiday homes and investment properties
  • Business assets

To learn more about our divorce financial settlements, see our financial matters & divorce page.

Arrangements for children

When children are involved during a divorce, it can often be the most contentious aspect. Each parent may have their own view on who their children should primarily live with, the type of contact and how often this should occur.

If you and your ex-spouse are unable to agree on an amicable agreement concerning your children, it’s crucial to receive child law advice from a solicitor as soon as possible.

Our solicitor recognises the sheer importance of ensuring relationships between parents and children are not damaged and instead preserved. We approach all types of child law matters during divorce in the most cost-effective and non-contentious way possible, often through out-of-court approaches, such as alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Our child law solicitor in Clapham, London, has expertise in matters including:

  • Child Arrangement Orders
  • Prohibited Steps Orders
  • Specific Issue Orders

To learn more about our divorce financial settlements, see our Child Arrangements Orders page.

Excellent value for money

We believe everyone should have access to expert legal advice for no fault divorce in the UK. That’s why we are proud to offer our clients competitive prices.

At Goodsells Family Law, we will always ensure to provide a complete breakdown of the fees so you are entirely aware of what you’re paying.

Where your no fault divorce is straightforward, we may be able to offer a fixed-fee divorce service. This offers complete certainty over the cost of your divorce.

Contact our no fault divorce lawyer in Clapham, London

Whatever stage of the divorce process you are at, Goodsells Family Law is here to help.

For an initial consultation with our no fault divorce lawyer in London, please call 020 7622 2221, email or fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

No fault divorce FAQs

What is a no fault divorce?

On 6 April 2022, UK divorce law changed, introducing no fault divorce in England and Wales under the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. Simply put, no fault divorce means that neither party involved in the divorce needs to place blame or fault on the other person anymore (as was required under the previous law).

Why did UK divorce law change?

UK divorce law changed for a number of reasons, in particular concern to the previous divorce law being outdated and no longer reflecting the evolution of society. The previous law was contentious and caused considerable problems between the involved parties. The new law helps to reduce conflict, encouraging an amicable divorce that allows ex-spouses to remain civil.

Who can get a no fault divorce?

Either party in the marriage can apply for divorce so long as the couple have been married for at least a year. The parties involved can choose to make a sole application or joint application depending on personal preference.

What are the grounds for divorce?

There has always only been one ground for divorce, which is the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. However, previously to prove this you needed to cite one of five accepted reasons or ‘facts’ in your divorce application. These reasons included potentially contentious issues such as adultery and unreasonable behaviour, often leading to unnecessary conflict.

With the change in law, these five facts now cease to be a requirement, with only a statement of irretrievable breakdown needed to obtain a divorce.

How long does no fault divorce take to finalise?

The change to the divorce law means that there is now a minimum amount of time for a divorce to be finalised. However, this minimum time frame does not guarantee that it is exactly how long the divorce will take, as there are many circumstances that will come into play, such as arrangements for any children and the divorce financial settlement.

At a minimum, divorce will take 26 weeks (6 months) from the start to finish. From when the divorce application is submitted until the Conditional Order (previously the Decree Nisi) is issued, there is a minimum wait of 20 weeks. Once this has been issued, the Final Order (which replaces the Decree Absolute) can be applied for, which takes a minimum of 6 weeks to be issued.

Can no fault divorce be contested?

Previously, a divorce petition could be contested, but since the change in law, this possible only in very exceptional circumstances.

What key changes have been made to the no fault divorce process?

While the step-by-step process of divorce has stayed relatively the same, there are several things which have changed since the introduction of the new no fault divorce law, including removing the need to place blame or fault.

Other important aspects that have changed include the key terms. For example:

  • Divorce petition is now referred to as divorce application
  • Petitioner is now referred to as applicant or joint applicant
  • Decree Nisi is now referred to as the Conditional Order
  • Decree Absolute is now referred to as the Final Order

Contact our London no fault divorce solicitor

For an initial consultation with our family law solicitor in London, please call 020 7622 2221, email or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.