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At Goodsells Family Law we are committed to the promotion of equality for every client and we celebrate their diversity.  Regardless of your situation we will support and advise you, maintaining respect and ensuring total transparency, and sensitivity.  We provide legal advice to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered communities. Our advice includes a free initial call back and full legal support through divorce, cohabitation and all issues involving children. If you need more information about our services, or possibly have an enquiry relating to something not listed here, please contact us as LGBT solicitors London.

What Services Do you provide for LGBT clients?

LGBT Divorce

The ending of any relationship is usually overwhelming and as LGBT solicitors, we are here to help to guide and support you throughout this emotional time, carefully explaining all the options available to you clearly and with empathy.  Our guidance and support will enable you to make confident, informed decisions and together, we shall achieve the best possible outcome for your future.

LGBT Family Law

Same sex couples encounter the same legal issues as couples of opposite sex. If you require legal advice pertaining to your relationship, it is always recommended to obtain advice from an experienced LGBT solicitor, who both understands UK law and empathises with matters concerning the LGBT community.  Our solicitor, Donna Goodsell prides herself in having decades’ experience working with the LGBT community 


Areas of law:


  • Children Law

Matters concerning children always take priority in any relationship.  For same sex relationships, children issues can be sometimes be more complex to resolve. As expert LGBT solicitors we can advise you to secure your children’s best interests. 

  • Pre-nuptial /Pre-civil Partnership Agreements

Many couples choose the security of protecting their separate assets by entering a prenuptial or pre-civil partnership arrangement. Whilst not automatically binding, if certain criteria are met, this can be a very persuasive document in the event of divorce or dissolution.

  • Cohabitation Agreements and Living together arrangements

These Agreements are a form of contract, to manage expectations  of the cohabiting couple regarding ownership of the property and how bills are to be paid and  financial issues resolved in the event of separation.

  • Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Separating from a life partner can be  one of the most disappointing and distressing events to encounter. As LGBT solicitors we have extensive experience in assisting clients through the process of divorce and civil partnership dissolution.  We provide guidance and support to alleviate your stress and give you the confidence that we will deliver the best possible outcome for your situation and future. 

  • Adoption for same-sex couples

To ensure your adoption process runs smoothly, as LGBT solicitors we can provide the guidance and assistance you need to adopt a child. 

  • Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility confers full legal responsibilities and commitments in relation to a child. Parental responsibility is the automatic right of the birth mother.  As LGBT solicitors we can advise you how to acquire parental responsibility, irrespective of your position. 


At Goodsells Family Law we provide professional, sensitive advice to LGBT clients, delivering excellence every time.

For specialist legal advice, call Goodsells Family Law team on 020 7622 2221 or complete our online enquiry form.