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Planning for a secure future

Prenuptial Agreements, often referred to as “prenups”, allow couples who are planning to marry to set out clearly what should happen if they separate in the future. This can include stating how assets will be divided or what maintenance payments the wealthier spouse will pay following a divorce. For civil partners, a similar agreement may be entered into, known as a Pre-registration Agreement.

A Postnuptial Agreement is largely the same as a Prenuptial Agreement, the main difference being that the agreement is entered into after the couple has married.

The benefits of Nuptial Agreements

Nuptial Agreements can be particularly beneficial for couples where one party has significantly more money or property than the other, or perhaps those who are expecting to receive a substantial inheritance. For example, if one spouse owns the family home before the marriage, provisions may be included in the agreement to direct that the house remains with that spouse in the event of divorce. Similarly, if one spouse is due to inherit a large sum from their parents, a Pre or Postnuptial Agreement could state that, if the couple divorces, that money would be kept by that spouse.

As the law stands, Nuptial Agreements are not automatically legally binding in England and Wales. However, recent case law has shown that courts will take into account the terms of any agreement provided it was entered into freely, that both parties received independent legal advice and were aware of the implications of signing it.

At Goodsells Family Law, we are on hand to provide clear, independent advice and support with drafting and negotiating Pre or Postnuptial Agreements.

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