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It is never too late to protect your financial interests, even if you are already married. Realistically, not every marriage works out for the best and navigating through divorce deprived of any provisions can be an expensive mistake.

Seeking specialist legal advice on how you can protect your assets after marriage is a wise decision, even for those individuals who do not have a high net worth.

When instructing the Goodsells Family Law team, you will closely work alongside Donna Goodsell, who will handle all aspects of your case. Donna has over 20 years of specialist expertise, providing advice and support to countless clients traversing through all manner of family law issues, including postnuptial agreements.

Read more about Donna Goodsell’s family law expertise.

If you and/or your spouse want to have provisions in place for the unforeseeable future and are interested in a postnuptial agreement, at Goodsells Family Law, we can provide ample advice and practical guidance to walk you through the process. Contact us to find out how we can help.

For an initial consultation with our postnuptial agreements solicitor in London, please call 020 7622 2221, email or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Specialist postnuptial agreement advice for clients across London

Our solicitor in Clapham has expertise in postnuptial agreements including:

  • Postnuptial agreement legal advice
  • Responding to and negotiating the terms of a postnuptial agreement
  • Drafting a postnuptial agreement
  • Postnuptial agreement assistance when divorcing

Over the years, Donna has worked with all types of clients across Clapham and further afield. From those with simple assets to other clients with more at stake due to their high net worth. No matter your circumstances or requirements, we can align our advice and guidance to fit.

When you choose to work with our postnuptial agreement solicitor, we will carefully walk you through the entire process, ensuring you are aware of what is required of you and what entering the agreement means for your future should you and your spouse divorce. Our advice will be tailored to you, and your personal circumstances, providing reassurance and confidence that your best interests are at the core of what we do.

Postnuptial agreement legal advice

For a postnuptial agreement to be considered by the court in a marriage breakdown, each party is required to seek independent legal advice from a solicitor.

Our solicitor has over two decades of experience with family law matters, including postnuptial agreements, and can provide expert advice and guidance on what a postnuptial agreement is and the benefits and limitations of it. From this, you can make a fully informed decision as to whether a postnuptial agreement is right for you and if you wish to proceed with Goodsells Family Law.

Responding to and negotiating the terms of a postnuptial agreement

If your partner has presented you with a postnuptial agreement, it’s understandable to feel unsure as to whether it benefits you and protects your interests equally as it does theirs. That’s why seeking assistance from a solicitor is important. When you work with Goodsells, we will talk you through the postnuptial agreement and explain the terms of the agreement, to ensure your best interests are secured.

Drafting a postnuptial agreement

When drafting a postnuptial agreement, it is essential to make sure everything has been drafted correctly and that all relevant details have been considered in the agreement. We can evaluate yours and your spouse’s financial position and, from this, ensure everything necessary has been considered and included.

Postnuptial agreement assistance when divorcing

If you are going through a divorce but have a postnuptial agreement, our solicitor will guide and support you in ensuring the terms set out in the agreement are adhered to during the divorce financial settlement. We have a strong track record for success and will work proactively to ensure your interests are protected.

For more assistance with finances and divorce, please see our financial matters & divorce page.

Excellent value for money

At Goodsells Family Law, we believe in complete transparency and fairness when it comes to legal fees. That’s why we take pride in offering our services at a competitive rate with flexible funding.

Wherever possible, we aim to offer our fees on a fixed fee basis, assuming the matter is straightforward and not requiring ongoing support. Fixed fees provide our clients with confidence over what they will be paying from the start, with the reassurance of no unexpected costs.

Should matters be more challenging and require additional support throughout, we may need to charge our fees to hourly. If this applies to your situation, we will inform you prior to carrying out any work.

Contact our postnuptial agreement solicitor in Clapham, London

Whether you are high net worth or of more modest means, Goodsells Family Law is on hand to deliver expert advice and guidance for postnuptial agreements in London and Clapham.

For an initial consultation with our postnuptial agreement solicitor in Clapham, London, please call 020 7622 2221, email or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.

Postnuptial agreement FAQs

What is a postnuptial agreement?

A postnuptial agreement is an agreement entered into by a married couple. The agreement will set out what should happen to the couple’s non-matrimonial and matrimonial assets in the event of a divorce.

What should be included in a postnuptial agreement?

It’s important to ensure that when you draft your postnuptial agreement, you disclose all types of assets which you wish to protect. Generally, a postnuptial agreement will include but not be limited to, the following:

  • Property independently and/or jointly owned
  • Savings
  • Investments
  • Shares
  • Existing and potential future debts independently and/or jointly incurred
  • Businesses independently and/or jointly owned
  • Possessions independently and/or jointly owned
  • Inheritance already received or due to be received
  • What would happen to children, e.g. where their permanent residence will be and the amount of contact each parent might have

Is a postnuptial agreement legally binding?

No, a postnuptial agreement is not automatically a legally binding document in England and Wales, and the court is not compelled to endorse the agreement. However, this doesn’t mean that a postnuptial agreement will not be considered by the court during a divorce.

In most circumstances, so long as the agreement was drafted by a qualified solicitor and specific conditions were met by the involved parties when drafting, the court may uphold the agreement.

The conditions looked for by the court when considering a postnuptial agreement include that:

  • Each party sought independent legal advice
  • Each party entered the agreement freely and voluntarily
  • Each party was aware of and understood the risks of a postnuptial agreement
  • Each party provided their entire financial position
  • The postnuptial agreement is fair to both parties
  • The postnuptial agreement does not negatively impact any children

What is the difference between prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements?

While prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements possess similar characteristics, there is a difference between the two of them.

Prenuptial agreements are usually made at least 28 days before a couple gets married, whereas postnuptial agreements are made after the wedding.

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For an initial consultation with our postnuptial agreement solicitor in Clapham, London, please call 020 7622 2221, email or complete our online enquiry form to request a call back.