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Do I Need a Family Law Solicitor?

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A family law solicitor is a qualified legal expert who can help you to navigate complex and sometimes traumatic areas of law, including divorce, domestic abuse, estate planning and child contact. The full remit of a family law solicitor is broad and they work with other experts, including financial advisors and mediators, to support families and individuals to achieve a positive outcome from their case.

Family law issues are often best resolved outside of the courtroom and for this reason, many people wonder about the benefit of hiring a family law solicitor. In this post, we will explain the three main ways in which a family law solicitor can help you to achieve the best possible outcome from your legal challenge.

  1. Expert legal advice.

It is easy to believe that you can navigate the complexities of family law by yourself or with the guidance of an internet search engine, however, if a divorce becomes contentious, agreements cannot be reached as to child custody or a will is disputed, nothing beats the tailored, expert advice of a qualified legal expert who can advise as to precedents, cases previously before the court and statute, and make appropriate recommendations for your particular circumstances.

  1. Contacts.

Some family law matters can be incredibly complex and in these instances, it is often necessary to establish a support network of appropriate experts in order to arrive at the desired outcome. A family law solicitor has contacts across a range of services and can signpost their clients to the necessary services, including mediation, pension advice and financial support. They can also work with these experts to build a portfolio of evidence to support you in your endeavours.

  1. Representation at court.

Should a family law case proceed to court, a family law solicitor will be well placed to support their client to achieve the best possible outcome. Individuals who represent themselves may not be comfortable with the challenges they face and becoming emotionally embroiled in the case (which may be inevitable) may adversely affect the outcome.

A family law solicitor will present the case factually and explain the evidence in an appropriate, objective fashion. Their legal expertise will add strength to your case and their knowledge of the courtroom, familiarity with  the process, and the judge will stand them in good stead to secure your best interests.

Donna Goodsell comments that many family law issues are emotionally charged and when a case is mis-handled, it can have a traumatic and long-lasting impact on relationships. A family law solicitor is a legal expert who is skilled at navigating the complexities of family law issues and will support you and your family to reach an amicable solution that safeguards your best interests and those of your family.

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