Has COVID-19 changed your relationship?

20 October 2020 Blog Donna Goodsell

The pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside-down. How is your relationship managing the strain? Is it time for a change? Let’s find out more. 

It’s fair to say 2020 has been like no other year of our lives. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. Lockdown has kept us confined to our homes with little chance of a break. It was a stressful time for most people, dealing with work, home-schooling and more while trying to avoid catching the virus. If you contracted the virus or someone close to you succumbed, it would have been even more worrying. And now, as I write this, another lockdown could be on the horizon.

Naturally, the pandemic would have changed your relationship with your partner. For one, you spend so much more time together now, particularly if you are both working from home. But has it changed for the better? If not, it could be time to think about divorce. 

In this article, we’ll look at five signs that COVID-19 may have changed your relationship. Do you recognise any of these?

1 – You’re fighting more

When we’re stressed, as we are much more often during this pandemic, we lose our tempers faster. Even the smallest disagreement can build up into a world-ending argument when we feel under pressure. 

Are you arguing with your partner more often? It could lead to you questioning whether your relationship can recover.

2 – They annoy you more

COVID-19 has meant that partners are spending a lot more time together. All the little breaks from each other that used to characterise your relationship, like going to work, hobbies, going out with friends, have all become much harder to achieve. 

All the little things that you used to ignore (like not cleaning the shower after they’ve used it) now seem like the end of the world. 

Do you feel this way? It’s completely understandable.

3 – They’re not helping

Lockdown gave us many more jobs to do. We became teachers, entertainers, quiz masters and much more, during those long months in the spring. 

With everyone at home, running the household became much more difficult – all the cooking, cleaning, washing etc. This should be a team effort, but if your partner isn’t taking their share of the strain, you could be feeling put upon.

It’s no surprise if you’re questioning your relationship.

4 – They’re not connecting with you anymore

The thing is, perhaps your partner is asking themselves the same questions. They’re struggling with the pandemic in the same way you are. They are equally as stressed, confused and worried.

However, they are not sure how to approach these new feelings and it’s causing them to withdraw from the relationship. Their energy is low and they aren’t talking.

Does this sound familiar?

5 – You think there must be more to life

Coronavirus has shown us that life is short and the things we take for granted can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye. 

The virus and its attendant restrictions won’t last forever (we hope), and it’s natural to consider how life will be afterwards. 

If you think you don’t want to spend the rest of your days in a relationship that isn’t right for you, it could be time to take action.

Time to talk

We are not advocating that if you’re feeling this way, you should launch towards a divorce; the pandemic has a tendency to blow issues out of proportion. It is unwise, however, to keep these feelings to yourself.

Talk to someone you can trust, about how you’re feeling. And, if you still want to find out more about divorce, find a professional divorce lawyer. They can talk you through the process, give support and answer any questions you may wish to ask.

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