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Child Arrangement Orders are typically used when there is a dispute between separated parents or families about childcare arrangements. These orders help the adults involved to reach a child-focused agreement if they have been unable to reach consensus through negotiation and mediation.

If you find yourself involved in this type of dispute, we can help. We provide honest, straightforward advice and representation to help resolve matters as quickly and effectively as possible.

Child Arrangement Orders – Family Law Solicitor in London

Child Arrangement Orders set out:

  • Where your children will live
  • When they should spend time with their other parent

Any parent or guardian can apply for a Child Arrangement Order. You also have the right to apply if:

  • You have lived with the child for three of the previous five years – applications must be made within three months of the child no longer living with you
  • You were in a marriage where the child was part of your family – this includes stepparents
  • The child is in care, and the local authority gives permission for the order to be made

If you do not fall into one of these categories, you must seek the court’s permission to make an application. The court will look at your relationship with the child, whether such an order is in the child’s best interests and any risk of harm to which the child might be exposed as a consequence of an order being made.

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