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Divorce and separation can be, particularly difficult if children are involved. We understand that establishing a new routine quickly can prove a great help, which is why it is so important to agree on arrangements for your children swiftly during the divorce process.

We have a wealth of practical experience and comprehensive legal knowledge when it comes to making arrangements about where your child will live following a divorce or separation. We will take the time to meet with you and discuss your options in detail, focusing upon what is in the child’s best interests and providing clear and realistic responses to your questions and concerns.

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Parenthood extends beyond the breakdown of a relationship. Making arrangements for your children after a divorce or separation can be very difficult. Resolution of the issues should always focus upon what is in the children’s best interests

Issues relating to children typically relate to concerns about where your child will live, although may also include decisions about the time that your child should spend with their other parent and provisions for schooling, medical care and religious issues. To address these matters, resolution may be reached by acquiring the following court orders:

Child Arrangement Orders

Child Arrangement Orders, previously known as Child Contact and Residence Orders, are used to set out essential details about the care of your children. This includes:

  • Where the children should live
  • When and how much time they should spend with their other parent, usually the non-resident parent

When considering a Child Arrangement Order, the court will usually take the approach that it is most beneficial for children to have both parents involved in their lives.

Specific Issue Orders

Specific Issue Orders are used to decide disputes relating to parental responsibility. This may include:

  • Which school the children should attend
  • Whether the child should receive medical treatment
  • What (if any) religious education the child should receive
  • Whether a parent may move overseas with the children 

The last of these – taking a child abroad to live – can be a particularly complicated matter. It may amount to a criminal offence to remove a child from this country without either the permission of the other parent, or a court order. Seeking legal advice in these circumstances is essential.

Prohibited Steps Orders

Prohibited Steps Orders can ask the court to prevent one parent from taking a particular action. Examples include:

  • Preventing the parent from removing the child from the parent with care, without their permission
  • Preventing the parent from removing the child from the country
  • Preventing the parent from arranging a particular medical treatment for the child

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