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Cases where one parent wishes to move overseas with their children, or “leave to remove” cases, can cause enormous stress for all parties involved. Any agreement or court order must always focus upon what is in the child’s best interests. The parent hoping to leave the jurisdiction, faces the prospect of their plans being challenged and being obliged to live in a country where they no longer wish to stay. The parent remaining in the UK, will have to consider the prospect of living many miles away from their children and the negative impact this might have on their relationship.

Whatever your circumstances, as Specialists in Child Law, Goodsells Family Law has the expertise and commitment to achieve the outcome you desire.

Removing Children from Jurisdiction – Family Law Solicitor in London

Goodsells Family Law has a well-earned reputation for providing clear, proactive advice to parents who are preparing to move overseas with their children, as well as those who wish to prevent the removal of their children from this jurisdiction.

It is important to remember that both parents – if they have parental responsibility – must give their consent for their children to be removed from the jurisdiction of England and Wales. If no agreement is in place for the child to leave the jurisdiction, the parent wishing to leave must file a court application for an order for permission to leave.

We provide assistance and our expertise in both making and defending such applications. We also work very closely with trusted counsel to represent you at court

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