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How a Domestic Abuse Solicitor Can Foster Justice and Independence

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Statistics show that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse or violence within their lifetimes [1]. This startling figure highlights the extent to which many men, women and children in our communities are living in fear of the very people who should love, nurture and protect them. For those who are able to escape from an abusive relationship, a domestic abuse solicitor can be absolutely pivotal in their healing process.

A domestic abuse solicitor can contribute to the recovery of domestic abuse survivors in a variety of ways:

  1. Obtain Non-Molestation Injunction orders.

A domestic abuse solicitor can help survivors to obtain Injunction and Occupation orders to prohibit their abuser from approaching, pestering, harassing or contacting them, whether in person, through friends, or social media.

  1. Legal advice and education.

A domestic abuse solicitor can ensure that survivors are treated fairly and respectfully by the legal system, advising them of their options, rights and all legal remedies available to them. They can simplify the justice process for them, explain the potential outcomes and help clients to make informed decisions to safeguard their futures.

  1. Represent them in court.

Many domestic abuse survivors find it hard to speak out and openly share traumatic experiences in a courtroom. A domestic abuse solicitor can ease the court process by representing them, preparing statements, presenting the evidence to support their case, speaking on their behalf and advocating for their rights.

  1. Create a support network.

Solicitors will often have the necessary contacts to help create a comprehensive and collaborative support network for domestic abuse survivors. They can coordinate with financial advisors, housing workers, counsellors and other support services to implement a package of care and guidance to help the survivor navigate towards a brighter future.

Depending on individual circumstances, such support can include obtaining mortgage advice, placing survivors into domestic abuse shelters or helping them to access emergency housing and financial support. Solicitors can also advocate for their clients with other services whose support is necessary for their clients' well-being and safety.

5.Make appropriate referrals.

Domestic abuse solicitors can, at times, also recommend appropriate therapists and counsellors who can help survivors to address their experiences and empower them to face their future, free from violence, abuse and fear.

  1. Enforcement.

Domestic abuse solicitors will also  take swift legal action to enforce court orders and protect their clients from abusers who seek to defy court orders, ensuring that the court will put in place sanctions and penalties as necessary, to see that the perpetrators of domestic abuse are punished, whether by use of community-based remedies, or imprisonment.

Donna Goodsell comments that when experiencing domestic abuse, it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced domestic abuse solicitor who is a legal expert in their field.  Whilst they can empathise effectively with their clients and are committed to their safety and well-being,  they will take immediate action to protect and pursue justice for their clients, and their families. By approaching domestic abuse cases with sensitivity and understanding, they will always deliver positive outcomes for survivors of domestic abuse, including to become financially independent of the perpetrator.

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